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11:45 p.m. - 2013-01-28

It has been ages.

So much has passed that is almost impossible to recall even the most important details without overlooking all the others. So much has happened, and here I am, now.....freezing as I type this because I don't know what else to do right now, except vent.

I heard the noise clearly as I came down the stairs. Not that I am an expert in plumbing, or water noises but the unmistakable sound of water pouring out of my bathroom was hard to mistake for anything else. The floor was quickly being covered and I was in full panic mode now. Not knowing the exact source, guessing it was behind the wall itself I could only race to the basement to shut all the remaining water off and hopefully limit the damage already caused.

Yes, the water pipe in my house ruptured. Yes it was because it was frozen. We havent had hot water since the storm. Sandy. We used all of our fuel oil and when we refilled the tank the oil line clogged with debris shutting off the supply and killing the hot water. That was Late Oct. We havent had heat, in at least three or four years. Maybe longer. We either couldnt afford the oil, so we conserved for hot water only, and also because the circulation pumps for the boiler were dying. As a result my room is about 30 degrees most days and nights. And now we have no water, to even flush the toilets.

We dont have the money to fix anything. And we have no one to turn to for help. Shame is to blame and things in the house spiral out of control.

This isnt the life I pictured having. I could point fingers and say it isnt my fault, but then again I cant blame anyone else either. We are dealt a hand of cards and its up to us to play them the best we can. Im hoping for a reshuffle soon. I cant take more bad news.

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