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11:52am - 05/01/2012

I didn't elaborate on all the little details about my sisters accident. There was simply too much to remember, and I stuck with the stronger mental images to fill in some blanks. But its the often the subtle little details we forget, but in those minor details lies small and irrefutable truths.

My sister, when she was rescued was delivered to the ER as a "Jane Doe".

Her purse and things were found later, but without anyone there to identify her, she went into the computer as Jane Doe183.

Jane Doe183.

It can send chills up your spine. This person I changed diapers on, my baby sister was alone during her worst day. Fortunately she remembers nothing of the incident. She was also in a coma for about a week. The probe in her skull was also a little unnerving.

I remember seeing her for the first time in the ER, covered in blood, and debris. The earliest reports we heard were that it was a man who hit her, then who hit a truck...and when cops got to him he was combative.

My first thought was he was drunk.

A little ways from where my sister was laying was a room with a half dozen police officers watching over someone. You can only guess my second thought.

"Excuse me nurse, is that the man who hit the truck....?"

I used passive tones. And I asked everyone, including hospital security if the man who hit the truck was going to be ok.

I was prepared to make him not ok. He would have gone to the morgue if new information hadn't stopped me. That it was a women younger than my sister, with two babies in the car which did.

Everyone I told that to, told me it solved nothing....that all I would do is cause more hurt. I disagree. Defending my sister, when she needed me most would have taken precedence over anything else. Especially if she died.

Jane Doe183 did survive, miraculously. And so did her offender.

My sister is in a rehab hospital now. Trying to rebuild her body after what was done to her.

Yesterday I started my gym training. Trying to rebuild what once was. I think she has an easier job than I do.....which says alot.

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