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March 14th - 04/20/2012

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10pmish - 04/20/2012

Been ages since I wrote anything. And yet so much has happened...

March started off innocently enough. Began my new diet/eating program. This won't be like the last time. Despite losing over 70lbs those several months, there is more of a need for it now. Two family members alone are now diabetic. Three have heart problems. Most of us are a little big boned and with my health the way it is, I can't afford to put this off any longer.

I am pleased to report its been about a month and a half, and I have lost about 35lbs so far by dieting alone. Meaning no exercise just regular work activities and walking around. This was similar to my last diet but I changed my food intake, and food choices more. I still drink a gallon or more of water a day, and I know this has helped greatly.

Now for the bad news.

March 14th.

My sister was walking from a bus station, on her way to pay respects at a friends funeral, when a woman driving negligently hit her on the side of the road. There is still much we do not know of the accident, lawyers are involved.

She flew over 30-50ft into the trees, where she had to be extracted by rescue teams with chainsaws. Her heart wasn't beating, and she wasn't breathing.

We still don't know how she survived, but she did.

Broken neck. Broken right shoulder. Multiple compound fractures of the left arm/wrist. (they were so badly damaged the body absorbed them, and had to be replaced with artificial bone) Tendons were hanging out, and skin grafts were required to cover the site. Her left tibia was in 4 pieces, and sticking through her leg. She has had over 12 operations so far. It will be months before she can walk again, and a year before she may see most recovery.

We believe the girl who hit her, was on her cell phone.

With her two babies in the car.

Enough on that for now.

The second part of my health plan is already being set up. I joined a gym. Bought many different supplements I will need before I starting slinging iron. This includes anabolic compounds. (not steroids, so don't judge me) I have always been happiest when engaged in weightlifting, even as a teen. If I am successful, I might share some pics.

Still no pc yet. If I can't buy the one I want, I will wait till I can, Im not half assing this either. Things worth doing, are worth doing right.

Toodles. G.

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